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Turuncu Simge - Yuma Kilit

YUMA KILIT is the only domestic manufacturer of padlocks in Turkey. It continues to provide superior quality security with reasonable prices in the field of door hardware and door accessories in addition to padlock types. YUMA KİLİT, which provides fast delivery advantage to its customers in door lock equipment, is expanding its sale network in overseas market as well as in domestic market.


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Yuma Kilit Referans 1
Yuma Kilit Referans 1
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Yuma Kilit Referans 1
Yuma Kilit Referans 1
Yuma Kilit Referans 1

YUMA KILIT products, produced entirely with domestic resources and capital, and all production stages are completed in Turkey, produce the most durable solution for security and service needs.


YUMA KILIT products are developed and tested with utmost care to ensure continuity with high level of security and manufactured in accordance with the most disciplined quality standards.


When you switch to a single key system, you will be able to provide the highest level of security in the most practical way while at the same time taking the security measures to the maximum level.

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